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MA Degree in Education & International Baccalaureate

Ranked among the top five universities in the UK, the University of Bath, in conjunction with the Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI), Bangalore, India, offers an opportunity for qualified educators to participate in the university’s MA in Education Programme.



The full MA programme comprises of five taught units and a dissertation. Each taught unit is followed by individual research and the submission of a 5,000-word written assignment.

The MA in Education is a part-time study programme which is offered by the University of Bath at ITARI which will serve as a study centre. Participants may use the master’s level credits gained by successful completion of the units towards the International Baccalaureate (IB) Educator Certificates (Previously known as IB teacher certificates).

Candidates who qualify for the award of the MA in Education can also avail the Advanced IB Educator Certificate which is a formal dual certification from the IBO (offered without an additional cost).

The IB Educator Certificate formally recognizes the experience and commitment of IB teachers to enhance their pedagogic competencies and deepen research into best practices. The IB certificate in teaching and learning offers teachers the opportunity to examine principles and practices associated with one of the three IB programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years or Diploma Programme).

Teachers supplement their existing IB experience with intensive applied research to widen their knowledge and experience, organised systematically through specific MA modules which include:

01 Education in an international context

04 Understanding teaching and learning

02 Assessment

03 Curriculum studies

05 Research Methodology

The contact sessions for these units will take place at ITARI study centre, Bangalore
with the professors from the University of Bath leading the sessions.


Graduate /PostGraduate Degree and two
years teaching experience in an IB School.

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