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Teacher Executive Programs in Education

Teacher Executive Programs are designed for senior executive, Principals, aspiring Principals of schools.


With the advent of internet – fast pacing change in technology and information available in a matter of a few clicks, we no longer have an exclusive lock and key on what to teach. The role of a teacher and a school is no longer limited to the traditional ways of knowledge ‘about’ textbooks, library access etc. Information is now accessible to them in seconds via google. Hence the current role of an educator is far more important now than just providing answers to a few questions, rather on ‘how to learn’ and unlocking a child’s potential to inculcate in them the quest for life-long learning.

As senior academicians, principals and visionaries of schools, there is a need to envision the futuristic requirements of your schools and evolve a culture of lifelong learning.

Teacher Executive Programs (TEP) are designed keeping in mind that higher goal of lifelong learning, skills of the 21st century teacher, importance of deep reading and leadership in mind.

TEP is organized on campus Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI)*
Duration: 2-3 day workshops


Teacher Executive Programmes

Learning How to Learn

The world is changing very rapidly. Even as you are reading this, extraordinary breakthroughs are happening in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, biotechnology, quantum computing, Internet of Things. We are in the vortex of an unprecedented revolution!

Today’s educators are shaping the human beings who will coexist with intelligent machines and volatile situations. With technology making information freely available, the relevance of teaching content is dissipating. What we must teach our children is to learn how to learn – to constantly reinvent oneself to adapt to and lead change.

If teachers and school leaders crack the code of learning how to learn, they can transform lives. ITARI presents this unique opportunity for you to learn the special art of Learning how to Learn. Join our Teacher Executing Program on Learning how to Learn and be future ready!

Is your school future-ready?

The fusion of technologies is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Our idea of future is altered radically. Jobs, relationships, health, businesses, who we are – everything is changing unrecognizably!

If the purpose of education is to prepare children for life, are we preparing our students to survive and thrive in this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) future? Do teachers know what to teach these future citizens?


What is Learning how to Learn?

The number one pedagogy today is: teaching our students to sense big opportunities in big disruptions. This involves teaching them to innovate, fail, and succeed with unceasing grit and passion. If our students need to learn to make ethical, equitable choices in a fast-changing society, we need to teach them the most important skill today: learning how to learn. And to make this a reality in our classrooms, we ourselves have to first learn, unlearn and relearn education.


What constitutes the Learning how to Learn workshop?

Learning how to Learn entails acquiring the following indispensable skills:

Promoting Learnability

Goal Setting

The Power of Feedback


The Teacher Executive Program (TEP) workshop series is to equip school leaders learn these crucial skills.



Is your school future-ready?

Our idea of future is altered radically.
Jobs, relationships, health, businesses,
who we are – everything is changing

How to Learn?

teaching our students to sense big
opportunities in big disruptions

How to learn Workshop?

Promoting Learnability
Goal Setting
Using the Power of Feedback



a. Who will benefit? +

This workshop is for educators who impact destiny! 

b. How much do I invest in this vital reskilling opportunity?+

Join us for the stimulating five-day capsule model for INR 12,500

Master an individual skill in a two-day intensive workshop for INR 6,000

Sign up for all three workshops but spread it over a period of time: INR 15,500

We take care of your dining, travel, and training resources. 

c. Where do I reach for this learning?+

Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI),

Billapura Cross, Sarjapura-Attibele Road, Bangalore 562125.

d. Can you arrange for my stay during the workshop?+

Certainly. At a reasonable additional fee we are glad to arrange for your comfortable stay.

e. How can I get more details these workshops?+

Write to us: or connect with us:

Ms. Taniya Khurana,
Head, Business Development
Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI)
Indus International School, Bangalore 562125

Please remember to ask us about the early registration discount!