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In today's ‘Knowledge Age’, teachers are change-agents who are expected to lead reforms in curriculum, in students, and in communities worldwide. The rapid rate of knowledge obsolescence necessitates teachers to focus on lifelong learning, continuous professional development, reskilling oneself in personal and professional life, whole education, collaborative learning, and leadership. This very purpose is what drives Indus’s passion for excellence in all spheres. The scenario of education is rapidly changing from traditional education methodologies to informal education. This is the scenario in which we have envisioned the role of ITARI as an institute that will take the process driven ‘idea’ of teaching we once knew and convert it into the teaching competencies that would become the driving force or the catalyst for a 21st-century teacher in revolutionizing their educating methods.


We realise that quality of teachers is critical for educational institutions. Hence, Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) was set up with the specific mission to equip aspiring teachers with skills beyond contemporary teaching and reskill them in line with the requirements of IB and international curriculum. ITARI hosts pre-service and in-service professional teacher certification programmes in International Education; Teacher Executive Programmes, Professional Development Workshops for Schools and it also acts as a study centre for the University of Bath MA - in Education programmes. ITARI offers skill enhancement courses that are aimed at increasing the employability skills.

Each year, ITARI enrols practising teachers, aspiring teachers and even working professionals in the industry seeking transition to academia, for its various training programmes.


ITARI stands to equip teachers in line with the international curriculum. to keep the skill enhancement in our trainees relevant, productive and in line with the evolving international standards of education we enable intellectual exchanges and collaborations with reputable international universities.

ITARI was inaugurated on December 1, 2009, by Mr. Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. ITARI strives towards developing the intellectual acumen of individuals as well as their expertise to teach a cross spectrum of diverse groups of learners of all age groups, nationalities, and subject areas, through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.


ITARI is the first training institute in India to offer postgraduate level professional teacher certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive schools. All our postgraduate courses meet high academic standard with the focus on practice-teaching, mentoring, and professional competencies equivalent to the Teacher Standards stipulated in the UK. We are fortunate to have remarkable leadership and faculty members within ITARI and the Indus schools. Our ability to forecast future trends, incorporate best pedagogic practices, and translate creative ideas into reality, have launched Indus International Schools on to the echelon of success at the national level. ITARI promotes teaching and education administration as respectable and profitable careers, aspiring to give these noble vocations the impetus they deserve in transforming lives, families, the community, and the society at large.


Since our inception in 2009, we have registered 950+ teachers on all our courses. Our qualifying teachers are recruited by leading international schools across the country and abroad. We continue to maintain 100% programme success rate, with an average of 75% talent retention within Indus International Schools, particularly, through our full-time courses. Our strategic objective is to provide over 40% of trained human resource capital annually to the Indus International Schools and provide trained teachers to the international school community at large. We are an inclusive institute, welcoming trainees of varying learning abilities. We provide admissions to graduates of all age groups. We admit teachers, fresh graduates, working professionals, and career transitioners from any field, to both full-time and part-time programmes, and endeavour to meet their career aspirations. We absorb high achievers into our pre-service IB induction programmes through campus recruitment. We also conduct workshops and in-service programmes for schools, tailored to their requirement, across the country.



Build an innovative learning community that will cope with challenges in future learning, by application of exponential technologies and personalisation of learning.



Our mission is to inspire, prepare and empower teachers to be life entrepreneurs, in order to re-skill and re-invent themselves, to succeed in a future driven by technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. We will achieve our mission through collaboration with other learning institutions; solution-based research; and developing the ability of teachers to teach the child and not the subject alone.



For every school which makes it a priority to drive forward standards in teaching and learning, raising attainment levels, and tackling underachievement, the importance of capacity-building in teachers cannot be over-stressed. Teachers, whether they are laterally or upwardly mobile in their vocation, owe it to their students and to themselves to become innovative practitioners. Whether the curriculum is national or international, teachers must become change agents, who will bring about practical reforms in this all important lifework.


With an understanding of current needs and concomitant advantages, the Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) has been set up by the Indus Trust, as a teacher training institute in Bangalore. ITARI's mission encompasses higher education in areas of pedagogic training, research and the professional development of teachers. We have highly competent, experienced and qualified faculty. We employ the best teaching practices, state-of-the-art classrooms, emerging technology in curriculum delivery and personalized learning as well as assessment strategies.