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Training for Inclusive Education

SEN Training

On April 5, 2018, Drishti’s Program Manager, Ms. Vasundhara Kaul conducted a sensitization training for Trainees in the Post Graduate Diploma in International Education (PGDIE) and the Post Graduate Certificate in International Education (PGCIE) programmes for the inclusion of students with special education needs (SEN) in the regular classroom. Using an analogy and an icebreaker activity with balloons, Ms. Kaul drove home the point to the Trainees that while inclusion is often perceived as a challenge, teachers of inclusion take students with special education needs along with them to achieve the earmarked learning objectives. The Trainees also learnt the meaning of inclusion and equity; the phases leading to inclusion, viz., exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion; the medical and social models of inclusion; the difference between impairment and disability; the developmental milestones for each age group for the areas of cognition, speech and language, motor, social, and adaptivity; as well as the measurement of the delay in milestones in terms of frequency, intensity, and duration.

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