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Recent Publications by ITARI Faculty


Dr. Anita Rao Mysore’s (2018) book-chapter, Technology integration models for digital equity, examines studies on technology integration in Teacher Education Programs (TEPs) between 2015 and 2017, continuing from the last available review. (In J. Keengwe (Ed.), Handbook of research on pedagogical models for next generation teaching and learners (pp. 177-194). Hershey, PA: IGI Global). Key findings from her review indicates that videos for observing teaching practices and evidencing the noticing via animations, aided learning in math preservice teaches; multimedia technology aided Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math (STEAM) lessons of science preservice teachers; Learning Management System (LMS) introduced the elements of enjoyment and interest, connection with the teacher, role modeling, and easy follow-up of lectures and assignments in English preservice teachers; and game-based learning enhanced the Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) of preservice teachers about integrating gaming in their lessons in different subjects and the multiple factors that must be considered while planning a lesson. Few recommendations that Dr. Mysore makes are replicating studies to develop models of technology integration in TEPs and mapping the journey of preservice teachers with respect to technology integration as they become in-service teachers. She believes that deliberate efforts by teacher education faculty, preservice and in-service teachers, along with administrators and other stakeholders can bridge the digital divide and foster digital equity.

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