International Ideation Colloquium

International Ideation Colloquium

Under the leadership of Lt. General Arjun Ray, CEO and MD, the Indus Trust is organizing the Indus International Ideation Colloquium on December 3rd and 4th, 2021; with the purpose of bringing together stalwarts in education, ed.Tech and policy makers under the same umbrella to ideate the Schools of Future in the 21st Century. We are sincerely committed to the vision that school education needs to be transformed. In its present form (since the past 300 years), it is hopelessly outdated and does not prepare students to re-role, re-learn, re-skill, and re-invent themselves continuously in the 21st century.

After successful National Colloquium, with an enriched ideation exercise we are excited for the International Colloquium with stalwarts from education and industry in our speaker panel and audience.

With the world becoming more volatile, and unpredictable, and with disruptive technologies leading to rapid obsolescence in jobs and knowledge, the purpose of education should be to prepare children for a future we do not know. To achieve this, we need to straightaway address the role of the teacher, and also figure out ways to bringing equity in education. The role of the teacher is to teach the child and not the subject alone. Often the teacher has no time to achieve this commonsense goal. By effectively partnering with technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can relieve the teacher of mundane tasks. AI can not only deliver personalized content knowledge and assess the child but can also provide valuable feedback data for growth. This frees the teacher to focus on educating the child to learn much-required competencies like empathy, enterprise, and innovation. We call this human-centered learning enabled by AI and ethics.

Download: INDUS Colloquium Brochure

Join us to ideate the Schools of Future.

Date: December 3rd and 4th, 2021

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