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Teacher Executive Programs

Teacher Executive Programs are designed for senior executive, Principals, aspiring Principals of schools.


With the advent of internet – fast pacing change in technology and information available in a matter of a few clicks, we no longer have an exclusive lock and key on what to teach. The role of a teacher and a school is no longer limited to the traditional ways of knowledge ‘about’ textbooks, library access etc. Information is now accessible to them in seconds via google. Hence the current role of an educator is far more important now than just providing answers to a few questions, rather on ‘how to learn’ and unlocking a child’s potential to inculcate in them the quest for life-long learning.

As senior academicians, principals and visionaries of schools, there is a need to envision the futuristic requirements of your schools and evolve a culture of lifelong learning.

Teacher Executive Programs (TEP) are designed keeping in mind that higher goal of lifelong learning, skills of the 21st century teacher, importance of deep reading and leadership in mind.

TEP is organized on campus Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI)*
Duration: 2-3 day workshops